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How to Reset the Maintenance Counter Message

LaserJet 4000/4050/4100

LaserJet 5000/5100
Reset at: (200,000 pages)

1. Shut printer off. (Use the SHUT OFF switch)

2. Hold down the Left Side of the ITEM and VALUE Buttons while powering the Printer back on.

Continue to hold the Buttons until the Printer says "RESET MAINTENANCE COUNTER" then release the Buttons.

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Reset at: (150,000 pages)

1. Shut the Printer off. (Use the shut off switch)

2. Hold down the Left Side of the ITEM and VALUE Buttons while powering the Printer back on.

3. Continue to hold Buttons until the Printer says "RESET MAINTENANCE COUNTER", Then release the Buttons.

LaserJet 9000/9050

LaserJet 5si
Reset at: (350,000 pages)

1. Power off the Printer.

Press and hold the CHECK "? " Button located on the center of the display.

Now power the Printer on while pressing the CHECK (?) Button.

Now hold the CHECK (?) for at least 3-4 seconds, then release the Button.

Now you will see a Select Language prompt on your Printers Display.

Now press the QUESTION MARK (?)Button.

Now the MAINTENANCE KIT will be displayed.

Now press the CHECK (?)Button and you are finished.

at: (350,000 pages)

1. Turn the Printer Offline.

2. Press the MENU Button until Configuration Menu is displayed.

3. At this time press the ITEM Button one (1) time.

4. (Service Message = Off ) will be displayed.

5. Now press the SELECT Button.

6. Now press the ONLINE Button.

7. Now you are finished.

LaserJet 8000/8100/8150

LaserJet 4200/4300
Reset at: (350,000 pages)

1. To access the Service Mode, power the Printer down/off and hold down the SELECT & JOB CANCEL Buttons.

2. Power the Printer back on while holding these two (2) Buttons.

3. Hold these Buttons for at least 4 seconds then release.

4. Now press the MENU & SELECT Buttons.

5. You should see "SERVICE MODE" in the display.

6. The Printer will cycle, This is normal.

7. Now press the MENU Button, Then the SERVICE MENU will be displayed on your printer.

8. Now press the ITEM Button until "MAINTCOUNT" is on the display.

9. Now use the + or " Buttons to change the numbers to 0"s.

10. Now press the SELECT Button.

11. Now an Asterisk (*) will appear and you are finished.

12. To exit the Service Mode press the GO Button.

Reset at: (200,000 pages)

1. Use the following Pin Codes:
For LaserJet 4200 (11420002)
For LaserJet 4300 (11430002)

2. Press the SELECT Button to open the Menus.

3. Now use the UP Arrow or DOWN Arrow Buttons to scroll to SERVICE.

4. Once at SERVICE, Press the SELECT Button.

5. Now press the UP or DOWN Arrow Buttons until the first digit of the Pin Code appears.

6. Now press the SELECT Button to save that digit.

7. Repeat this selection procedure until the entire eight (8) digit Pin Code is saved.

8. The Service Sub Menu will appear on the display of the Printer.

9. Now use the UP and DOWN Arrows to scroll to the Maintenance Item on the Service Sub Menu and press the SELECT Button.

10. Now you can set the number of pages since the last Maintenance Kit was installed.

11. The printer automatically exits the Service Menu after about one (1) minute if no Buttons are pressed. You can also hit the PAUSE/RESUME Button to exit.

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