Q & A about House Brand (hb) Parts

Q: What is House Brand?

House Brand is the same part as the original, only made by other companies at a lower cost. House Brand is also referred to as (compatible / 3rd party / aftermarket).

Q: Is a House Brand part new?

All House Brand rollers and feed parts are new and never used. However, we do use the term House Brand with our remanufactured fusers, which are core (used) units with new parts added to them.

Q: Do House Brand (hb) Parts have the same quality as the Genuine Parts?

This is a debated topic amongst many. What I can say is this. A few years ago I would have definitely said no, but because of today’s technology of injection mold and attention to close tolerances these parts are becoming mirrored equals to those made by the original manufacturer. House Brand rollers selected and being sold are the best of the compatible rollers in quality and page count longevity. They have also been evaluated and tested against other compatible rollers being manufactured.

Q: Are Feedroller.com House Brand (hb) feed rollers inspected for quality?

Actually, we are one of the few companies that inspect each roller before final packaging.

Q: I was told using non (hp) parts would void my Printer’s warranty.

That is not true, and in fact persons saying this may very well be committing Fraud! Federal Law prohibits any company or person from requiring you to buy their product exclusively. The Federal Trade Commission protects your right as a consumer to buy the product or service of your choice. When you buy a new car, would you let the manufacturer or dealer dictate what brand of gasoline you buy? Of course not!

If you are told it will void your warranty, inform them of your rights! As a consumer, you are protected under the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, Subparagraph C, Section 101. Or tell them to call First Choice directly at (586) 777-9065 to clear up any questions.

If the printer failure were due to the non (hp) part, then yes you would void your warranty and be responsible for paying for the service call.

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