4fsr-rk-Inho New NON-OEM Fuser Rebuild Kit

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4fsr-rk-Inho New NON-OEM Fuser Rebuild Kit
New NON-OEM 4fsr-rk-Inho Rebuild Kit Includes: Qty 1 - RB1-2263 Qty 1 - RS5-0230 Works on all Laserjet 4 4m printers A bad fuser can cause poor copy quality or known as fuser off-setting. The fuser assembly has a job of melting the toner on to the paper it does this by heat and pressure what happens over time is the Teflon on the upper fuser roller wears as your cooking pans at home do as the Teflon coating wears off the toner begins to build up and stick to it this is when you begin to see ghosting and repetitive print down the paper normally down the center of the paper approx. every 3-4 inches. Rebuilding your fuser is a great way to save money this new rebuild kit features everything you will need for professional results. Note: If your printer is in a Error 50 purchase a complete fuser this Remanufactured kit will not solve the error. Kit Includes: High Quality Upper Fuser Roller New Fuser Roller Drive Gear If you think your fuser is bad follow the link below and inspect your fuser.
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Manufacturer HP
Machine Type Laserjet
Machine HP Laserjet 4
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