6pxdlr New NON-OEM Fuser Output Roller

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6pxdlr New NON-OEM Fuser Output Roller
New NON-OEM 56pxdlr Does your fuser suffer from a GUMMY exit roller No need to replace the whole fuser when now you can replace just the roller. The original roller would melt over time due to the low grade rubber used as the fuser would heat up this roller would get hot and begin to melt and rub off on the paper if your printer suffers from this you will notice tracking on the back side of the paper that never seems to go away or gets worse during large print jobs. Works in the following printers: Laserjet 5p Laserjet 5mp Laserjet 6p Laserjet 6mp
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Manufacturer HP
Machine Type Laserjet
Machine HP Laserjet 5p, HP Laserjet 6p
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