Feedroller Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your site have the same part listed more than once:

If you’ve shopped for printer parts before, you’ve no doubt heard the terms “New Original”, “New Compatible”, and “Remanufactured” and our site offers different options for each product if there are different options to get you the best deal for what you want below is our definition of each condition:

New Original - OEM parts come from the manufacturer who makes the product such as HP, Lexmark, or Dell. They’ve been specifically tested and designed to allow your machine to run at peak performance with the least amount of failure. The upside is you know exactly what you’re paying for. The downside is, generally, these items cost the most.

New Compatible - A new product made by a 3rd party.  A new compatible product is not inferior in any way to the original manufacturer’s products. On some machines, new parts from the manufacturer have now become obsolete, certain parts were never supplied, or the market is so great that parts were made to compete with the manufacturer so more expensive than refurbished but cheaper than New Original Pricing.

Refurbished Parts, Fusers, and Printers - The most compelling reason to buy refurbished rather than new is because in almost every case you can save money and get a quality product.

  • Refurbished parts – All refurbished parts are tested for functionality and defects before they are sold.
  • Refurbished fusers - When we refurbish a fuser we replace certain parts some of which are, the upper heat roller, lower heat roller, bearings,drive gears and more to make it run like a new original
  • Refurbished Printers – All Printers have passed a 15 Point Inspection by our Service Technicians. After all rollers and any other worn parts are replaced, the printer is then tested, cleaned, lubed, and adjusted.

Should I buy Exchange or Outright

This just indicates whether or not a core needs to be returned. If the item is purchased on exchange we provide a prepaid label in the package with new product to return your old product. There is no difference in the parts. With the exchange, you get an item at a reduced price because you return the old item that you are replacing.