J2552B Refurbished JetDirect Card No Exchange

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J2552B Refurbished JetDirect Card No Exchange
Refurbished HP J2552B-RO Jet Direct Card - 10 Base T No Exchange Required This Refurbished comes with a 30 day warranty Works with the following machines: LaserJet IIISi Color LaserJet Color LaserJet 5 Color LaserJet 5 Color LaserJet 5M CopyJet M DesignJet 2000CP DesignJet 2500CP DesignJet 2800CP DesignJet 3000CP DesignJet 3500CP DesignJet 3800CP DESIGNJET 600 D-SIZE DesignJet 600 E-size DESIGNJET 650C D-SIZE DesignJet 650C D-size DESIGNJET 650C E-SIZE DesignJet 650C E-size DesignJet 650C PS 24-inch Postscript DesignJet 650C PS 36-inch Postscript DesignJet 700 24-inch DesignJet 700 36-inch DesignJet 700 D-size DesignJet 700 E-size DESIGNJET 750C D-SIZE DesignJet 750C E-size DesignJet 750CPlus 24-inch DesignJet 750CPlus 36-inch DESIGNJET 750CPLUS D-SIZE DesignJet 750CPlus E-size DESIGNJET 755CM E-SIZE DesignJet 755CM E-size DeskJet 1200C DeskJet 1200C PS DeskJet 1600C DeskJet 1600CM DeskJet 1600CN Kodak Digital Science 1000PS LaserJet 4 LaserJet 4 Plus LaserJet 4M AppleTalk LaserJet 4M Plus LaserJet 4MV LaserJet 4Si LaserJet 4Si MX LaserJet 4V LaserJet 5 LaserJet 5M LaserJet 5N LaserJet 5se LaserJet 5Si LaserJet 5Si HM LaserJet 5Si Mopier LaserJet 5Si MX LaserJet 5Si NX PaintJet XL300 PaintJet XL300 Postscript
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Manufacturer HP
Machine Type Laserjet
Machine HP Laserjet 3si, HP Laserjet 4, HP Laserjet 4+, HP Laserjet 4mv, HP Laserjet 4si, HP Laserjet 4v, HP Laserjet 5, HP Laserjet 5M, HP Laserjet 5N, HP Laserjet 5si, HP Laserjet 8000
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